Tests are just successes without conviction

Feel free to ascribe meaning to this.

Feel free to ascribe meaning to this.

Uh oh.

I've spent years perfecting my patented blend™ of narcissism and insecurity, getting the balance just right. Toeing the line of insufferability. And, apparently, can't even write a test post without becoming caught up in wankery and inscrutible self-analysis. What a tosser.

So besides a sad insight into my patented blend™ of tongue-in-cheek tongue-in-cheek (telling the truth while pretending you're not), what else will this word blog hold? Why, words of course. Words about, or at the very least, tangentially related to, a trip. A trip that many people would never have the good fortune to be able to embark on. (First world guilt.)

Uh oh. This will be interesting.

What a tosser.