My last full day in Canada passed with little fanfare. I honestly didn't do much. I had a good sleep after a few days of getting up just a little early in order to have breakfast. I headed out with a vague intention to head in a different direction to normal. I walked south towards the other waterfront and made my way along the bay. I was still keeping an eye out for some cool shops to buy presents at, with little luck. Canada hasn't been great for arts and culture, I must admit.

The day drifted gently by to the tune of podcasts, sunshine and gentle walking. I had a thai salad for lunch, then returned to wander some of the neighbourhoods I hadn't visited much. I stopped at a waffle house, poorly located on a main road and yet impressive in its quality. After wandering through another park, I looped my way back around to the guesthouse. The night was finished with a traditional Canadian meal: a burger at a pub. I laughed as I was asked for ID at the door, and then settled at the end of the bar for dinner.

As I climbed up the hill to our accommodation, a couple of beers in me, I saw the approaching dusk of the twilight framed between skyscrapers. Our penultimate leg is almost ultimate. Japan awaits after a day of travel tomorrow. Our time is almost up - ten days left in total, less travel and time zones. Canada is full of lovely people, but it is so culturally similar to America that it gets a bit tiring. The food is pretty average, the museums generally underwhelming. I've enjoyed our visit but next time would want to see a bit more of the other cities, including the French areas. Toronto had more to do, but Vancouver was not without its charms.