Floatation device

We'd spent last night sorting out Japan details with Miho, and due to the time zone issues, didn't get to bed until 2am. That meant today was a bit of a rolling start, with breakfast right on the cusp of the kitchen closing time, and then a bit of a wait for the shower to free up. There are supposedly three, but two are in the same cubicle split by just a metal screen and open at the front, so no one leaves the door open. The other one was being fitted with a new shower head and would supposedly be finished by last Monday. No such luck. As the days wear on, the good first impression of this guesthouse was waned a little.

I ended up at the aquarium today. It's hidden in the middle of Stanley Park and isn't huge, but was a nice way to spend the afternoon. The weather has been brilliant to me, and the walk to the park has yet to lose its charm, especially as you near the waterfront. I have to admit that once you've seen one aquarium for the most part you've seen them all, though this one did have a nice tropical rainforest area that held a few novelties. There were a few brightly coloured parrots, and a sloth huddled up in the branches.

On the way out I passed an ad for a 4D movie experience and a girl asked if I wanted to attend. I asked what it was, and then politely declined. As I approached the exit, I hesitated, and then turned back. What the hell. It was included in the ticket price. I knew it would be one of those MovieWorld experiences where they spray water in your face, but I was pleasantly surprised.

For starters, they showed an abridged, cheaply post-converted 3D version of Attenborough's Planet Earth, which was still great. Plus, having the seat rumble and wind blow alongside image of a blizzard was surprisingly effective. Best of all, there were a few neat tricks I hadn't seen before, including a seat that poked you in the back at a shock moment. For an experience I'd written off, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I capped off a nice afternoon with a wander to the lake in the middle of the park and enjoyed the sunshine and then a walk in the woods. I finished my night with a good pizza and wondered what to do tomorrow on my last real day in Canada. Feels like not that long ago I wrote the same about Europe.