It was time for science! I wandered into town today for a quick brunch before heading north again up to the Experimentarium, a hands-on museum not dissimilar to the Investigation Science Centre. Yes, there were a few kids there. Well, a lot. It was raining, I needed somewhere to be. Mostly children, to be honest. Okay, so I was kicking kids off experiments so I could have a go. It's not my proudest moment, get off my back. Yeah? Well fuck you.

That escalated quickly. Wow. Sorry.

So yes, it was aimed at kids, but that didn't mean I regretted going. As I wandered through the lower level, mostly about creepy crawlies, I started to wonder if it had been worth the admittance fee. Once I got upstairs, though, it was a different story. A huge water physics area, with wave machines, wind turbines, boats, sails, sand and more. There was a motion area with swings, spinning tops and more. Stuff about the senses, with optical illusions, smells, sound tubes. A surprising amount on alternative energy, with pedal power, wind and wave machines, solar panels, carbon dioxide emissions. Physical body tests, with reflexes, stress test, a climbing wall, and challenge in which two people competed to be the most relaxed under brainwave monitoring. Fucking kids wouldn't let me have a go at that one.

It was great. I'd forgotten the simple pleasures of that kind of science. So much of what I have access to is theoretical, in news reports or studies. It's been too long since I could do that kind of basic but impressive real world applications. There was an earthquake machine that let you stand in a fake house and randomly would generate quakes up to a five on the richter scale. As someone who has never experienced an earthquake, it was genuinely brilliant. A wind tunnel threw hurricane winds at you too. A lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Tomorrow morning (5:30am alarm, yay!) we head to Stockholm and I leave uncertain about Copenhagen. I feel like I've seen enough of the city, despite only passing through it on the way to other sights. It lacks the pedestrian-friendly green openness and also the charm of narrow winding streets. It is an efficient city, but it feels like most of the traffic, of which there is plenty, is en route to somewhere else. The disadvantage of a city built to the finger plan is that you never really want to be in the palm.