Time travel

Short blog due to tiredness. We left Vancouver today, Saturday morning, and headed towards the airport. The jump to Tokyo had the potential to be rough, due to the sixteen hour time zone difference plus travel time. I kept an eye on the local time and so as soon as we were on the plane I forced myself to snooze with a pillow and rug. As we all know, sleeping on a plane can be tough.

The ten hour flight passed relatively uneventfully. I watched the Iron Giant for the first time, which was magnificent. It had been on my to-do list for a while and I was glad I got around to seeing it. It was wonderfully emotive and I was tearing up by the end. Then I watched Brave, which to me seemed unfairly maligned. Yes, it takes a little bit of a left turn midway through, but it didn't jar for me and I enjoyed the ride. I get that some people would dislike the turn but I found it to fit within the universe of the film.

When we got into Narita, we spent some time at the train tickets desk exchanging our JR passes and being informed of the easiest way to our hostel. The train ride took another eighty minutes, by which time we were eager to drop our bags. It's weird that I woke up today on Saturday morning, travelled for ten hours by plane, and now it's Sunday night. I'm going to get up on Saturday, sleep once, and wake up on Monday. That's pretty weird. Relativistic space-time, wot wot!

The hostel is nice but cosy, with our shoebox bunk beds evoking Helsinki, but with a window and air-conditioning. I headed out for a lovely meal at a local bar/grill where I had meat skewers and chatted to a couple of Scots and an Aussie that had settled there. It made for a charming evening, in a tiny Japanese restaurant with no chairs and barely any tables. Right now, though, my eyes are just about ready to fall asleep, so off I go.