My therapist said this wouldn't help.


About Me

An Aussie expat with a passion for screenwriting looking for a new series to offer his words, work ethic, and w-alliteration.


I am a screenwriter from Australia,
in New Zealand,
going places.


This already feels a bit pretentious to be honest. I mean, just look at that big tagline over to the left. That is some A-grade wankery right there. Not to mention the headshot.

I could have just said I've been working in television in New Zealand, developing a six part comedy series with an acclaimed production company. Or previously worked on shows like The Adam & Eve Show, Fanimals, Darwin & Newts, and What Now. Or that I wrote for The Sinking City, a kickass Lovecraftian detective game. Hell, even a mention of my short films, music composition, or podcast would have been good.

But nope. I'm "going places." Christ.



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